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Cyber Security: Locked & Loaded

Hunt for blind spots before hackers do

About Tigr

What is Tigr?


 We are a Game Changer in the field of Cyber Security Services. We believe that quality Cyber Security should not be limited to Enterprises with Big budgets. The Coffee shop with an IT foot print should be stay safe too.

Our Service Offering


We have leveraged the power of Artificial Intelligence to bring Cyber security to the masses. For an affordable flat fee, you should be able to assess the security posture of your organisation and keep the bad guys away 

Satisfaction Guaranteed


We believe it is possible to provide affordable service without compromising on quality. Premium is our standard.

Penetration testing as a Service for Modern Businesses


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We understand that your business is as unique as your are. If you have ongoing requirements, please drop us a line at Info@Tigr.io Daily scans for your business from as low as $600 per month. For support, please write to us at Support@Tigr.io


We never stop working !